Consisting of bite-sized installments, Musings relays intimate stories based on the loss of a friend to cancer and of the disintegration of my first love.

Tasked with exploring the future of books in the 21st century, I decided to explore ways paper books could evolve and create a more immersive experience. The typesetting of these musings respond to the emotions shown on each page. It is quiet and sensitive to reflect deeply personal moments, or loud and obnoxious, ugly even, at times of great distress.

French folded; a number of pages contain actions or prompts, such as drawing or tearing through sections to discover hidden parts of the story. This way, the reader is forced to choose between ripping and destroying the book to gain the full experience, or to leave the book pristine. Once destroyed, only memories remain, and the story becomes even more personal, much like the telling of a secret.

Created for the International Society of Typographic Designers competition in response to the Book Still? brief, I’m honoured to say it was awarded a Commendation.

“An extremely thoughtful, clear, coherent body of work. A good sign was that we wanted to read it – and we did. The research demonstrated a real sense of development and investigation.

A very intelligent, meaningful, joyful and extraordinary response to the brief.”

— ISTD Examiners