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  • Time ago

    The next useful step is to capture and display when the garment was last worn – which means exploring showing dates and time.

  • Cost/Wear: Part 2

    Cost per wear (CpW) is up and running!

  • Cost/Wear: Part 1

    I’m really keen to get the basic functionality in that I’ve been thinking about this entire time. Cost per wear.

  • Typography

    Finally some type! This is just placeholder until I figure out the style… but I wanted to work with something more ‘me’ than old default Times.

  • Color

    I haven’t settled on the colours for TLB yet, but I thought I’d write a little about HSB, colour in Sass and how I’m starting to set up my scss design system.

  • Create Read Update Delete

    Next step on the journey is learning how to implement some fairly rudimentary, essential functions. Create, Read, Update, Delete or in acronym form: CRUD.

  • White Space

    I wondered how long it would take before I couldn’t refrain from some styling anymore…! Even just a little white space! Not long at all, it seems.

  • Hello World! Starting Ruby on Rails

    Welcome to my first journal as I jump into coding. Here I’ll recap what I’ve been learning – not fastidiously, as a disclaimer – but by way of sharing and remembering.