Improving the Spotify Podcast Experience

Why doesn’t anyone I know listen to podcasts on Spotify?

Starting with this question about Spotify podcast use, my user interviews and research led me in unexpected directions on a journey to determine what a new feature could be.

Product research & design process
– Defining the problem
– User Research
– Ideation & Prioritisation
– Concept Design
– Usability Testing & Iteration
– Mid-fidelity Prototype
– Presentation of Findings

Key insights
➀ Users struggle to find new, relevant podcasts
➁ Podcasts need to compliment other activities
➂ Keeping on top of podcast organisation is laborious and repetitive

These steps led me to design a collaborative playlist feature for sharing podcasts with those whose opinions you value.

This starts to address the pain point that kept surfacing around the difficulty of finding new, relevant podcasts.