Rethinking food labels

A lot has been in the news about the labelling of products, recently, and it’s a topic I’ve thought about often in the past…This article about a study by the University of Adelaide, which mentions how less than 5% of consumers carry through their ethical beliefs when they purchase food prompted this idea. I’ve always thoroughly examined products I buy; weighing up my decisions and how they fit with me. Yet it is so difficult, and information is often misleading.

Why not make it really simple? Why not dispense with brands and all of their clever ways of spinning products or greenwashing?

Why not something like this as a basic concept?

Eggplant – I’m constantly frustrated with the way our supermarkets wrap vegetables that need to packaging. I’m especially confused with the way they tend to package organic goods far more than others. Surely that is a complete misunderstanding of the audience buying organic!